About Us

We are a local support group for parent carers of children who have (or are waiting for) a diagnosis of Autism. We meet on a monthly basis which is often a lifeline to our members, as living with disabilities can be very lonely. We invite representatives from local organisations who can provide services to our members, we arrange speakers who can ensure our members are accessing all available services and we are visited by local companies who want to work with us to make their venues more autism-friendly. We arrange group visits to local attractions, parties for the children and much needed day trips for our members. Our aim is to be able to provide a permanent centre for the children and parent carers of West Cumbria to visit that meets all of their needs.

We hold training days, that are very well attended by parent carers, as well as teachers and nursery workers. The feedback from these are very positive and we are hoping to provide more of these events in the future.

To continue providing these services and to expand our presence in the autistic community of West Cumbria we are aiming to become a charity. Our members have been working towards this for the past year by holding coffee mornings, raffles and taking part in sponsored events to raise awareness and much needed funds for our group.

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Help Us. Donate.

We are non for profit. All our money goes into helping everyone involved in our group. Please use the link below to donate and help our group keep going.