About Autism

As Autism is a spectrum condition it affects each individual in different ways, some may show lots of traits whilst other may disguise them very well. It is a lifelong developmental disability for which there is no cure. It affects the way the individual perceives the world, how they relate and communicate to others and how they behave. There are currently around 700,000 people diagnosed with autism on the UK, just over 1% of the population. It is more prevalent in boys than girls, with five time more males diagnosed than females. Although it is thought that females are better at hiding the traits and so there may be much more who remain undiagnosed.

If you are concerned you child is showing signs of Autism, you should seek advice from your GP or Health Visitor. It can be a long and emotional process to reach a diagnosis, and so we accept members to our group who are waiting for a diagnosis as well as the who are already diagnosed. We are not able to help this process along but we have all been there and so we can offeremotional support by you attending the group or discussing on our forum.

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